Apartments for Rent NYC

Apartments for Rent NYC

apartments for rent nyc

New York is America’s largest city, with a more people than the populations of Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston combined. New York is famous for it’s bright lights, tall buildings, wide streets and glamourous folks . The city boasts arguably the most diverse selection of food, boisterous culture, and wide variety of ethnicities.

Living in New York is a commitment as well as an undertaking. You can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle if you are not careful! Although the city is laid out as a grid, learning the different neighborhoods that mesh together without a moment's notice could take a person years to fully become acquainted with.

What do you do in NY?

A number of the world's best attractions are at your fingertips (like the Metropolitan Museum of Art). You can also catch a free Staten Island ferry round the Statue of Liberty, throw a frisbee in Central Park, view a critically acclaimed broadway musical, or even see the Yankees steal a game out in the Bronx.

New York Activities

New York is a world class metropolis that has action around every corner. The city has been a central hub for music, fashion, and art for hundreds of years. Visitors can see the historic sights or get lost in the underground culture, this concrete jungle truly has something for everyone.

New York is filled with celebrated parks, hidden greenways, secret gardens and native hangouts. Some of the most revered and outdoor popular public destinations are embrace green, Washington sq. Park, The High Line, Fort Tyron Park, Gramercy Park, Riverside Park, Tompkins sq. Park, Prospect Park, and Hudson River Park.

Some of the biggest landmarks in New York

  • Popular big apple town landmarks embrace
  • The National 9/11 Memorial
  • Ellis Island, woman Liberty
  • One World Observatory
  • the Empire State Building
  • the iron Building
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Times Square
  • Central Park
  • the Metropolitan repository of Art
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Madison sq. Garden.

  • New York Culture

    As a worldwide hub for art and amusement and a melting pot of lifestyles, New York offers an endless list of cultural activities. From visiting world-famous museums to high-action parades and street festivals. Just like the personalities of all people in NY are different, each neighborhood embodies a different and exciting feel.

    New York Transport

    Everyone in New York is continually moving. One of the most common styles of transportation could be a brisk walk, despite the fact that the destination could be over a mile away. For cyclists, there are many bicycle lanes, parks and greenways to cruise around on, and of course Highline - 45-mile-long elevated park in Manhattan. New York offers a shared bicycle program, known as Citi Bike.

    The subway and train system in New York are economical and widespread. Even if you decide to travel all the way across city to reach your destination, you can be almost 100% sure that there’s a subway route which will get you there. You can also choose taxis, buses, Uber and Lyft. These ride-share options are a great alternative to public transport, but can be a beating on your wallet.

    For drivers, owning a vehicle is extremely tough in a few neighborhoods and an absolute necessity in parts of others - specifically the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx. Automobile proprietors ought to expect to spend mucho dinero between parking tickets, tolls, and overly inflated gas prices.

    Weather in New York

    Spring and fall are the exceptional times to go out on the town. Springtime boasts blooming gardens and people flocking out to activities from a winter kept inside. Fall is an excellent time to experience the fall foliage as well as new fall fashions that trendy New-Yorkers are adorning.

    Winter can get intense. Bitter cold winds are blasted through the skyscrapers and the population is kept inside their apartments . Icy sludge, blizzards and melting snow could make anyone’s January commute tough. Being in the northeast has the city prepared for just about any winter weather scenario!

    New York summers are acknowledged for their sweltering heat. Many new yorkers flee to long island and the hamptons on weekends to gain a small escape from the sweaty city.

    Renting Apartments in NYC

    Whether you’re looking for a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments for rent, a stylish studio or a low cost residency in NY City, the process can seem like a daunting task!

    Typically a renting office will be asking for at least 3X one month’s rent for move in (occasionally even four). You need to provide an ample proof of income, an outstanding credit score, and references both person and from your previous landlord.

    Getting Your Priorities In Order

    • Location
    • Budget
    • Safety
    • Housing quality

    Keep these in mind as you start searching for your new home.

    Neighborhoods in New York

    New york metropolis has 5 boroughs additionally referred to as the large apple - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. The maximum of the metropolis’s condominium houses and residences are focused in four boroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Each borough has its own personality and an extensive style of neighborhoods to match.


    Manhattan is the heartbeat of New York, because of its very own wonderful areas like the Artsy, Bohemian and NYU Greenwich village, the economic district of Downtown, the Upper East Side, the gay-friendly Chelsea, the young, hip, professional Lower East Side vicinity and the park-adjacent, intellectual hub of the Upper West Side. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car, because of the subway, ferries, 7,000 buses and a whopping 12,000 taxis in that borough.

    Manhattan is very dynamic neighborhood, because something and the whole lot can manifest right here at any given time. It’s all terrific and spontaneous, but it’s additionally very highly-priced and congested. A number of the more finance-pleasant neighborhoods in Manhattan include harlem, washington heights and inwood.


    Brooklyn is referred to as less expensive compared to Manhattan. It’s a hip region to live, with the whole lot from swanky rooftop soirees, road art, and beer gardens to bohemian bungalow communes and village-like neighborhoods with antique-cool cottages. Plus, you’ll have the 100-year-old roller coaster known as the Coney Island Cyclone.

    Apartment rental prices are still very pricey in a lot of this famous borough, even though you could get a touch extra bang for your buck: like a small backyard or a rest room which you should not share. If you can take care of the commute, then apartment fees on the long way from the south and east parts of Brooklyn are affordable.


    Queens is stunning, very big (100 square miles) and diverse. There are over 138 exceptional languages spoken right here. Half of the population is made from immigrants. Here, you can smoke shisha in little egypt, dance like a dominican at jubilee, eat the first-class xiao long bao inside the town, and select up $2 rib-crammed pastries at Cheburechnaya.

    The most famous neighborhoods in queens are Long Island City and Astoria, where you’ll locate lots of nightlife, concerts, green spaces and yoga within the park. Also, make sure to visit the Queens Botanical garden, Queens zoo, the Noguchi Museum, Queens museum, Queens County farm museum, Flushing meadows-corona park, and the Louis armstrong house.


    First of all, bronx residences offer greater fee than the ones in more desired nyc boroughs. For instance, you may discover a 2 bedroom, 2 bath bronx condominium for $2,500 in riverdale with masses of space, 24 hour doormen, in a luxury, elevator building. An equivalent condo in a appropriate ny neighborhood could probable cost 50-a hundred% extra.

    The bronx, like the all of the NYC’s 5 boroughs could be considered a big US metropolis through itself. The populace is 1.4 million. To compare, San Diego and San Antonio, the 7th and 8th biggest towns in the USrespectively, are smaller in population than Bronx.

    When you’re seeking out an rental within the bronx, you need to determine wherein you need to stay. The West Bronx, South Bronx and East bronx are all different. The maximum prosperous vicinity of the bronx is typically taken into consideration to be Riverdale within the West bronx.

    You’ll need to check out some of its widely recognized parks, consisting of the massive pelham bay park, and crotona park. The bronx is likewise home to Yankee stadium, that's inside the South Bronx. If you’re an yankee fan, you could just have to limit your apartment seek to Bronx apts. In case you want to live close to a shopping district, then you’ll want to locate a place near the Bronx hub.

    State Island

    Even though the borough joined the NY city as a part of the consolidation of the area in 1898, the borough has only been officially "staten island" since 1975. Staten Island had been known as a borough of Richmond till the name was changed to reflect the nearby references to the Island. It is not as hard to get a place here as you might assume.

    There are sufficient vacancies on staten island that you must not have hassle locating a appropriate condominium apartment, even in case you are brief on time. However, you need to assume to have masses of prematurely money to spend. Most leases will require the primary month's rent plus another month's lease as security deposit. Due to vacancies, there are deals and specials to be observed, so ensure you go searching.

    Neighborhoods on staten island

    Take a trip across the island so you can get a sense for wherein you might look for condo housing.

    East: this location is known as the east shore, and can be determined after you pass the verrazano from brooklyn. This location manifestly gives you the great automobile access to the rest of the metropolis. This side of the island is a extraordinary beach vicinity, and south seashore boasts the fourth-longest boardwalk inside the international.

    The f.D.R boardwalk runs 2.5 miles down south beach. South: the south shore has a real suburban experience with many homes constructed in the 1960s and Nineteen Seventies. You can also get admission to new jersey without problems through the garden country throughway or the brand new jersey turnpike via the outerbridge crossing.

    West: shifting up the west shore expressway, the island is more industrial and much less populated. There's no easy get right of entry to off the island from the west side, which is something to hold in mind when seeking out apartments for hire here.

    North: the north shore, which is pretty a good deal something north of the staten island expressway, is the maximum populated and urban part of the island. The neighborhoods have a few historic cost, which include the legit st. George ancient district. In those historical regions you could find the huge victorian homes you would possibly see in small cities.

    In case you are looking for a domestic for lease right here, you may be close to the staten island zoo and the staten island children's museum. The north has smooth get right of entry to west to new jersey via the goethals bridge, which brings you without delay to the new jersey turnpike and east to brooklyn through the verrazano-narrows bridge.

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