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3D Flyer and QR code changes woman’s life

Our new feature is here and you definitely don’t want to miss it! If you are wondering what the hype is all about, read on. We’re about to tell you how a QR code on a flyer can transport you to a property showing that you missed. Imagine going to an open house without your other half. You are very interested in this particular property but it’s a shame that your spouse isn’t there to see how special it is. You grab a 3D flyer in the hopes that your family can somehow experience it, too. You go home, and

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Careers Page

Careers Page For all position inquiries please send your resume and cover letter to Rob Kagan via email: A. Startup Intern 3DApartment is a startup empowering the real estate industry through virtual reality. We are looking for individuals that thrive in a high paced, start-up atmosphere. Our company is gaining traction and we are looking for individuals that can grow with our dynamic organization. As a Startup Intern, you will have a hand in delivering all of the high-impact services we provide, including community building events, customer outreach, social media creation and liaison, customer support, and more. We are

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3D Apartment Updates

Updated Search – New look and feel to help you search easier and locate listings faster. Listing widget – Simply copy a line of code and have your listings and the 3D network on your website.
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Place to Rent in New York

New York city is a destination that has a little bit for everyone.  People flock from every corner of the world to experience the bright lights of NYC.  Real estate prices are so high in NYC that most of the population finds themselves renting apartments or flats.  According to statistics in the spring of 2018, NYC ranks second (after San Francisco) for highest real estate prices in the country.    Prices are extremely high, so it would be smart to target an area of neighborhood that’s prices match what your budget is.  They say that approximately ⅓ of your annual

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