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Meet The 3D Team: Rob Kagan

This week’s edition of Meet the 3D Team is about Rob Kagan, our COO. As COO, or Chief Ball Juggler as he puts it, it’s Rob’s job to make sure that 3D Apartment keeps moving forward. Rob’s daily roles include human resources, logistics, and finance making him an unparalleled multitasker. As a part of the company’s leadership, Rob also helps guide the company’s vision and direction on a greater scale. Rob is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of Brown University with a degree in economics. Before leading the 3D Apartment team, Rob was the founder of World View Graphics

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Meet the 3D Team: Chelsey Bethea

This week’s version of “Meet the 3D Team” is about our Vice President of Customer Support, Chelsey Bethea. She is a Boston native and graduated from Bridgewater State University with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. At 3D Apartment, Chelsey is the go-to contact for our clients when they need help utilizing our innovative platform. She provides detailed responses for any questions, concerns, complaints, or feedback that our customers have. It is Chelsey’s determination to conquer clients’ concerns and desire to always help that makes the 3D Apartment experience enjoyable. Unsurprisingly, she says that interacting with many different people each day

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Jimmy Spends More Time with His Dog Thanks to 3D Apartment

Since the day Jimmy received his real estate license, he’s found himself too busy to enjoy life’s greatest adventures. All of his time is dedicated to showing properties to clients. Every day it’s the same thing – wake up, take the T to his office in Back Bay, meet with clients, and then begin the journey of touring properties across town. By the time Jimmy has completed the process of showing properties to his clients, it’s already 7 p.m. At this point, Jimmy realizes that he needs to hurry home to feed his dog, Cooper. It breaks Jimmy’s heart to

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3D Flyer and QR code changes woman’s life

Our new feature is here and you definitely don’t want to miss it! If you are wondering what the hype is all about, read on. We’re about to tell you how a QR code on a flyer can transport you to a property showing that you missed. Imagine going to an open house without your other half. You are very interested in this particular property but it’s a shame that your spouse isn’t there to see how special it is. You grab a 3D flyer in the hopes that your family can somehow experience it, too. You go home, and

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